Become a WordPress Developer at WP Codeus

Become a WordPress Developer at WP Codeus

Become a WordPress Developer at WP Codeus

We are super excited to finally launch WP Codeus 1.0! With it, there are a lot of really cool features that makes needing any WordPress updating or customization simple and easy for our clients. To ensure we are able to support our clients in a timely and effective manor, we have made the decision to add more WordPress experts to the WP Codeus roster!

Providing quality work at an affordable price is what we strive for. One of the ways we do that is by allowing our WordPress experts to work remotely from home and on a contract basis. To make sure that we have the absolute best members on our team we have put together a little test if you might say. So If you are interested in working with WP Codeus, here are some of the things we are looking for and what we can offer you.

Open Positions

Back-End WordPress Developer:
WP Codeus, is looking for a contract Back-end Developer with advanced WordPress experience. Could you go toe to toe in a WordPress coding standard battle? Do you dream in WordPress? We want to talk to you!

We are looking for a back-end developer that is already actively working in the WordPress  website and plugin development field. We want you to be excited and as passionate as we are about what we are creating with the WP Codeus platform.

  • Minimum 3+ years of experience with WordPress
  • Minimum 3+ years of development experience with PHP, JavaScript, MySQL.
  • Experience using custom WordPress themes, Advanced Custom Fields, and WP Bakery Page Builder (Visual Composer)
  • Creating themes and custom plugins.
  • A strong development portfolio (will want to see some code) from recent projects.
  • Have an available schedule
  • Communicate with clarity, excellence, responsiveness, and confidence.
  • Take strong ownership of your code quality.
How To Apply
How to Apply As A Wordpress Developer

To apply for this position simply click the “Apply Now” button below and fill out the application form. The form is both a place to gather information about you and also test your knowledge. Do not take more then 45 minutes. Also please do not use Google or any other resources – we will know 🙂


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