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Halo Hair Transplants

Andria is a multi-award-winning Board Certified Nurse Practitioner with a career in Plastic Surgery. Following her 16 year tenure in two highly regarded academic Plastic Surgery departments (Stanford and Mayo Clinic) she now owns and operates Slow Coast Spa,  a wildly successful studio med spa in Rochester, MN.

Known for her grit, grace and gratitude in everyday life, Andria is steadfast in her integrity and commitment to unparalleled client care. Providing only treatments that deliver sustainable results, Halo Hair Transplants is enthusiastic to provide hair loss clientele with an opportunity to restore their facial frame.

Halo Hair Transplants and Slow Coast Spa are sister services offering an unmatched commitment to restoring YOU!!  From facial framing with hair restoration to balancing complexions, restoring facial volume loss and relaxing facial lines. Trust Slow Coast Spa and Halo Hair Transplants to pause your age.

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