How to Restrict Client Access to Areas of Their WordPress Website

Ultimate Client Dash Extend Client Capabilities

How to Restrict Client Access to Areas of Their WordPress Website

Using the backend of WordPress can be very stressful for someone who isn’t familiar with WordPress, or similar CMS systems. In this article we are going to show you how easy it can be to restrict client access to areas of their WordPress website.

Before we begin, we did want to mention you will need to purchase the pro version of Ultimate Client Dash to use this feature. This may not be a free solution, but Ultimate Client Dash offers a lot of awesome paid and free features that are perfect for freelancers of agencies.

Why Restrict Your Clients Access To Their WordPress Website?

There are many reasons why someone would want to restrict their clients access to their WordPress website. The two most popular reasons are for the benefits of simplifying the WordPress dashboard, and to keep the unnecessary mistakes to a minimum.

Being in the web development industry for over 6 years, we know first hand how this is an important step in the build process. Too many times we recieved an email from a past client saying they have accidently broken something and we would have to come to the rescue and fix their mistakes. No longer is that the case!

Restrict Client Access With Ultimate Client Dash

Now that we have gone through some of the benifits of restricting client access to their WordPress website, let’s get started.

First we need to install the plugin Ultimate Client Dash. You can find it through your WordPress dashboard. Just search for Ultimate Client Dash created by WP Codeus.

Download White Label WordPress Plugin Ultimate Client Dash

After you’ve installed and activated Ultimate Client Dash, you will see the Ultimate Client menu name in the WordPress Dashboard side menu. Don’t worry, only site administrators can see it! Next, you need to purchase Ultimate Client Dash Pro if you haven’t already using the link below.

Ultimate Client Dash Icon

Ultimate Client Dash Pro

Upgrade to Ultimate Client Dash Pro and give your clients the experience they deserve.

After you’ve installed and activated Ultimate Client Dash Pro, you are ready to get started! Note: Ultimate Client Dash Pro is an addon of Ultimate Client Dash. This means you will need to have the free version installed as well.

Restrict Client Capabilities

Ultimate Client Dash Extend Client Capabilities

From the WordPress dashboard you will see a new menu item on the bottom called “Ultimate Client”. Hover over the menu item and click the submenu item “Client Access”.

The first thing you will see is a list of predefined capabilities which consist of things like: Appearance, Settings, Manage Users, Manage Plugins and such. In order to use this functionality, Ultimate Client Dash creates a new user role called ‘Client’. Simply assign the user role ‘Client’ to your clients account. Now you can use the predefined list to authorize your client to specific core WordPress functionalities.

Let’s say you have multiple WordPress plugins installed like WooCommerce. This is where the Pro version of Ultimate Client Dash comes into play. Scroll down and you will a dropdown option called ‘Extend Client Capabilties’. This features will dynamically populate all custom capabilities created by WordPress core, and your current theme and plugins. Simply go down the list and authorize any feature you would like your clients to have access to.

It’s as simply as that! If you would like to go one-step futher you can read the section below on how to hide menu items from the WordPress dashboard. Not only does this help to restrict client acces to their WordPress website, but it is also great for simplifying the WordPress dashboard by hiding unnecessary menu items.

Remove WordPress Dashboard Menu Items

Ultimate Client Dash Extend Client Capabilities

Now that you know how to restrict client capabilities, we are going to teach you how to remove menu items from the WordPress dashboard to restrict what your client can see.

To get started, from the settings of Ultimate Client Dash, click ‘Menu’ from the navigation. If you’re seeing a blued out section that means you do not have Ultimate Client Dash Pro installed as this is a pro feature only.

The UI is pretty straight forward on this. Go through the menu items and you have the option to hide the menu item from ‘All Roles’ or just ‘Client’. If you ever need to re-add the menu item, simply navigate back to Ultimate Client Dash and untoggle the menu item and hit save.


We hope you enjoyed this article and you find the solution to restrict client access to their WordPress website easy and useful.

If you have any questions don’t hestiate to ask in the comments below.

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