Beautiful WordPress Sermon Plugin For Your Church’s WordPress Website

Advanced Sermons Sermon Plugin For WordPress

Beautiful WordPress Sermon Plugin For Your Church’s WordPress Website

Have you been looking for a beautiful and robust WordPress sermon plugin for your client or church’s WordPress website? Then look no further as we explain why we have the perfect solution you have been looking for.

Your church’s website represents your church online. It reflects the power of your community, the beauty of your buildings, the passion of your members, and the traditions of your church. A beautiful and functional website is not an additional expense, it is an investment to your church and community. That’s why when we built Advanced Sermon we made sure not only the functionality was there, but the beauty to showcase your church was there as well.

In this artical we explain what makes Advanced Sermons the perfect solution for your church, along with an easy to follow breakdown on how to quickly get started.

What is Advanced Sermons?

Advanced Sermons is a brand new beautiful, modern WordPress sermon plugin that integrates seamlessly with any WordPress theme. Its robust and easy to use interface allows any member of the church the ability to add and edit video and audio sermons in minutes.

We’re very careful about what features make it into the plugin. The result is a solid, stable, feature-rich WordPress sermon plugin that is also easy to use and implement.

Would you like to see the plugin in action? We have an Advanced Sermons demo website showcasing all of its amazing features!

Beautiful Design

The intuituve settings of Advanced Sermons lets you easily brand and match any style giving you a custom look every-time. Never before has there been a WordPress sermon plugin that gives you the ability to change your sermons styling without having to touch a single line of code.

Advanced Sermons Sermon Shortcode

Video & Audio Sermons

We made sure that Advanced Sermons was easy to use so that everyday church staff, volunteers, or even the pastor can use it and make changes with just a few clicks. Your media can be uploaded via WordPress or from popular sites like YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud.

Advanced Sermons Single Sermon

Filter by Series & Speakers

A successful WordPress sermon plugin gives your users and congregation the ability to easily filter your online sermons by selecting their favorite speaker or select from a list of series they are looking for. Advanced Sermon does just that with our easy to navigate user interface.

Advanced Sermons Archive

Compatible with any WordPress Theme

We’ve worked hard to make sure Advanced Sermons is compatible with nearly every WordPress theme on the market. Having issues with your theme? No problem. Our expert WordPress support team is always here for you when you need it.

How to download the WordPress sermon plugin – Advanced Sermons

To get started, we first need to install the plugin Advanced Sermons. You can find it through your WordPress dashboard. Just search for Advanced Sermons created by WP Codeus. You can also download the plugin using the link below.

Download Advanced Sermons
Advanced Sermons Icon

Download Advanced Sermons

You can download Advanced Sermons for free on the official WordPress Plugin Repository

Getting started with Advanced Sermons

Now that you have successfully downloaded Advanced Sermons, navigate to the ‘General Settings’ to customize Advanced Sermons to fit your needs. From the WordPress dashboard hover over ‘Sermons’ and click the submenu ‘General Settings’.

The intuitive settings of Advanced Sermons gives you a wide option of features and design settings to choose from. To unlock all the features of Advanced Sermons, you can purchase Advanced Sermons Pro here.

Advanced Sermons General Settings

Adding Speakers, Topics, and Series

Before we add our first sermon, first we need to add a Speaker, Series, and Topic if that is something you with to include. We need this information to assign to our first sermon.

To add our first speaker, from the WordPress dashboard hover over ‘Sermons’ and click the submenu item ‘Speakers’. From this page you can assign the speaker name and image. Follow these same steps when adding your series and topics.

Adding Speakers, Topics, and Series - Advanced Sermons

It’s time to add your first sermon

Now that we have our speakers and series added we can finally create our first Sermon! To add our first sermon from the WordPress dashboard hover over ‘Sermons’ and click the submenu ‘Add Sermon’.

Simply fill out the fields provided, select a speaker and series, add a series image, and hit publish. That’s it! You have successfully create your first online sermon using the WordPress sermon plugin Advanced Sermons.

Advanced Sermons Edit Sermons

Upgrade to Advanced Sermons Pro for even more features

Looking for more features to take your church’s website to the next level? Upgrading to Advanced Sermons Pro gives you many great features including the following:

  • Display sermons in the default WordPress search results.
  • Duplicate sermons allows you to duplicate existing sermons to save you time and energy.
  • Choose a personalized accent color to match your church’s branding.
  • Display a sidebar on the sermon single page.
  • Change the sermon and series thumbnail height.
  • Add a social share section to the single sermon page.
  • Display related sermons on the single sermon page that are in the same series.
  • Change the number of sermons you would like to display before pagination is enabled.
  • Sermon Shortcodes – Display sermons anywhere on your website using our parameter shortcodes.
  • Series Shortcodes – Display series anywhere on your website using our parameter shortcodes.
Advanced Sermons Pro


We hope you enjoyed our article ‘Beautiful WordPress Sermon Plugin For Your Church’s WordPress Website’  and find Advanced Sermons useful. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggested features you would like to see in the next upcoming updates.

Advanced Sermons Icon

Download Advanced Sermons

You can download Advanced Sermons for free on the official WordPress Plugin Repository

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